WBFF Fitness Competition

I competed in my first (and so far only…) WBFF Fitness Competition in April 2015. The competition was held at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. I must say, this is one of my greatest accomplishments. I spent about 6 months training for this competition. I went from 104 lbs and around 22% body fat to 96 lbs on stage and around 16% body fat. Training for a competition like this takes a lot of self-control and determination. I did all of the training, macro nutrient planning, supplementation and meal prep myself. It’s interesting to see the changes your body goes through. Everyone is different and the key is finding what works for you. I also dealt with a lot of criticism and rude comments while training for this competition. My motto is “you do you”. You can’t worry about what others think. If they feel the need to criticize, just smile and move on. I’m still debating on doing another competition. We will see…

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