Appalachian Trail Hike!

I hiked part of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut yesterday. It was an out and back hike which technically started on the NY/CT border. I found the trail on the “All Trails” app. I’d recommend downloading that app. It has helped me not get lost on trails many times! The trail I did is called “Appalachian Trail: Hoyt Road to Bull’s Bridge.” It’s normally 8 1/2 miles but we lengthened it to 10 miles by adding extra hiking at Bull’s Bridge. The area of the hike near Bull’s Bridge is beyond beautiful. Bull’s Bridge is a wooden covered bridge in Kent, CT. It’s a popular hiking area with well marked trails.

Hiking stats: Appalachian Trail: Hoyt Road to Bull’s Bridge hike – 10 miles, 2,008 ft elevation gain, 1,034 calories burned. (Calories burned is obviously different for everyone.)

If you’re in the Connecticut area, I’d definitely recommend this hike!! Check out the photos below.


Happy hiking!

~ Vicki

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