Baby Steps.

“I have realized, it is during the times I am far outside my element that I experience myself the most.”

Little by little, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone. Mainly when it comes to running. I am one of the few people who loves running at the track (in circles) and doesn’t mind running on a treadmill (in place). Lately I’ve been branching out and running on the roads and trail running. I used to be scared to run alone. You always hear stories of creepy guys hiding / waiting for a vulnerable female to run by. It’s sad that we have to even think of things like that. I feel like I’m always hyper aware of my surroundings. Anyways, I’ve always enjoyed running. I make new running playlists often which helps motivate me. I’ve never been comfortable running with other people besides my husband. I just like listening to my music, getting in the zone and going at my own pace.

Yesterday I went on a trail run in Huntington State Park in Redding, CT. It’s one of my favorite places to run / hike. It has a beautiful landscape, wooden bridges, some good hills and a few ponds. I ran 4.5 miles. I ended up regretting running in a sweatshirt because the sun came out and cooked me! During my last ½ mile I ended up tripping over a rock and tanking… I fell hard and hit every part of my body on the trail. That’s when I knew I should end my run and head back to the car, haha. I feel that fall a little more today. It’s just part of the fun.

Where do you feel most comfortable running? Any Connecticut runners reading this? 🙂

Here are some photos below from my run.

~ Vicki


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