Find Your Motivation.

I’ve been so motivated lately with my workouts and staying on track with my diet. I just joined a new gym and I’m having fun with my workouts again. My husband has been lifting with me which definitely helps keep me on track. We work well off of each other’s energy. It helps to have support from those close to you.


I’m a general manager at a fitness center and I’ve literally had members tell me they need to quit the gym because their husband does not want them working out. (Wh-what??!) I’ll never understand that mentality. Anyone who doesn’t support you wanting to improve your health (mental & physical) is not someone you should keep around.

I also always hear the “but I’m so busy” excuse. Make time to be active. People who consistently go to the gym are also busy people. Work, school, kids, pets, etc. etc… We all have things going on. It’s all about your priorities. What is important to you? Put your health first.


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