New Goals!

I’m the type of person that always needs a goal to work towards. It’s usually something silly like getting into shape for a vacation or an event. Recently, I decided to sign up for a Warrior Dash race AND a Tough Mudder race! I may be a little over zealous signing myself up for a Tough Mudder, but hey, life is short. Do those things that scare you, right? This is coming from the same girl that’s too scared to run a straight 5K race… The same girl that just ran 12 miles last weekend…. Makes sense right? Nope.

Anyway, last year Justin and I made a goal to hike the Grand Canyon (down & up) in one day. I’m happy to say we achieved that goal even though the National Park Service highly discourages doing that hike in one day. (Go check out my “Grand Canyon” post in the adventures tab! Or click —-> It took us 9 hours to complete, which is pretty fast when you factor in the 19+ miles and 5,000 feet elevation loss/gain.

What goals have you set for yourself this year?

~ Vicki

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