Tips for the New Year!

START YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS NOW! <—- Yes, I just yelled that. Why wait though? You have 7 weeks to get moving. Just imagine all of the progress you can make in 7 weeks.

10 tips to get motivated and stay on track:

  1. Write down new goals – short and long term.
  2. Buy a new fitness planner.
  3. Meal prep! Being prepared is half of the battle.
  4. Track all of your food in the FREE My Fitness Pal app.
  5. Plan out your workouts for the week. It’s like a meeting with yourself.
  6. Try out a class you’ve never taken before.
  7. Put together a new workout playlist.
  8. Plan a beach vacation. This one always motivates me.
  9. Allow yourself 1 cheat meal per week, not a cheat day.
  10. Buy a new workout outfit. What’s better than new clothes you feel confident in?
  11. EXTRA TIP – Get a personal trainer! Yes, it is an investment but it’s one of the best ways to stay on track and remain injury free. Invest in yourself.

I hope some of these tips help!

~ Vicki

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