Airport Mesa Vortex & Cathedral Rock Hike.

Yesterday Justin and I hiked the Airport Mesa Vortex trail and the Cathedral Rock trail. The Airport Mesa trail was beautiful with some amazing views. While we were hiking an airplane flew right over our heads and landed at the airport. Although it is a vortex, we did not feel any “energy” or anything out of the normal. The whole trail was a 3 mile loop then we did an extra mile on the Summit Trail.
The Cathedral Rock trail was unreal. This trail included some intense rock scrambling which was so fun! I feel when I looked up this trail, the reviews did not give this trail any justice. It was easily our favorite trail we hiked during this trip. We hiked past the “end of trail” sign, up a treacherous rock scramble to an amazing outlook. Justin did some extra exploring in that area as I sat slightly terrified from the cliff. It’s funny because I’m scared of heights but I’m always up for these crazy hikes. I live for the view at the top. This trail turned out to be 3 miles because we detoured off a different trail until we realized we were going the wrong way. In total, we hiked 7 miles yesterday and I burned 950 calories. Woohoo!

Check out the pictures below to view our hikes.

What is your favorite hike in Sedona, AZ?








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  1. Great pics and story to go with it! One could explore Sedona for years and never see all of it. Such an amazing place we’re blessed with in AZ.

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