Quick Shoulder Workout

Yesterday I started my day teaching a 45 minute barre class. I didn’t really feel like I worked out so last night I went to the gym to get in a quick shoulder workout. I made the mistake of drinking pre-workout at 6:30 pm… hence why I didn’t sleep last night.

So, if you’re short on time, want to get a quick shoulder workout in and sweat your butt off, this workout is for YOU! Let me know if you try it. (Don’t forget the jump rope part as your “rest” in between sets!)

Warm Up: 1,000 meter row


4 x –

DB Lateral Raises (heavy) – 12 reps


DB Upright Rows (light) – 15 reps


3x –

DB Seated Overhead Press (heavy) – 12 reps


DB Bent Over Fly (light) – 15 reps

3x –

Cable Rear Delt Rope Pull (heavy) – 12 reps


DB Bent Arm Lateral Raises (light) – 15 reps


*In between every set I did 1 minute jump rope*


~ Vicki

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