Jumping into 2018 like…


New year, new YOU! Because, why not? Life is short; you should always strive to improve yourself. Many people don’t care about their health until it fails them. Let’s be proactive this year…

Like I said in my other post, I love new beginnings! I’m excited for 2018 and all of the fun things a new year brings. I’m going to be teaching a few new fitness classes, taking on new personal training clients and also taking more online school courses. I’m working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Business – Marketing. I have about 1 year left.

I need to start planning some fun adventures for my husband and I to take this coming year. Any suggestions? We love hiking!… or you know, sitting on a beach is fun too. 😉

Starting in January I’m teaching the following classes:

Monday: 8:20 am Spinning

Thursday: 6:30 am Barre,

1:00 pm Spinning

5:00 pm Barre

6:15 pm Tabata circuit.

(Note to self: Extra caffeine this day!) 

Saturday: 10:15 am Barre

I’m going to try and focus on taking more Yoga classes. I know this is what I need in my life to balance out my other workouts and I’ve been very resistant to it. There’s no better time than now, right?

What are your fitness goals for 2018?!

xo Vicki

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